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Why China’s citizens are being punished for jaywalking


By Lily Kuo

Chinese officials are cracking down on illegal street crossing, in an attempt to instill rule of law in Chinese cities known for their chaotic roadways. The latest urban center being subjected to the crackdown is Shenzhen, where at least 2,000 people have already been fined for jaywalking, or what is described in Mandarin as “Chinese-style street crossing.” In the province of Zhejiang, over 8,000 were charged for the offense in March.

Jaywalking in China, when pedestrians disregard traffic signals and walk into the street (usually in groups), contributes heavily to traffic jams and bottlenecks in China’s urban areas. Continue reading

Many religions, but only one God

There are many religions in East Asia, yet only one way to the One True God. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) Go to to learn about the major religions listed below and more. Commit to praying for the salvation of the East Asian People.

  • Animism In parts of China, witch doctors offer animal sacrifices and create talismans to ward off evil spirits that can cause sickness or disaster.
  • Atheism Ask a typical college student in China if he believes in God, and he will politely tell you: “There is no God. I believe in myself.”
  • Shintoism The animistic religion originated in Japan and centers its theology on the worship of spirits, or “kami.”
  • Taoism Its root word, “Tao”, literally means “The Way.” Because Taoism originated in China, many Chinese make it their religion of choice.
  • Islam 22 million people in China, especially minority people groups in the western and northwestern regions, follow Islam.
  • Buddhists The majority of Buddhists in the world today can be found in East Asia, including the majority of Taiwan’s population and most Tibetans.
  • Christianity While not the predominant worldview by any standard, there are Christians found throughout East Asia. In addition to Biblical Christianity, there are also several Christian ‘cults’ that have developed over time.

In Yueyang, the most predominant worldview is a version of ‘atheism’ in which people claim to be atheist, but in practice, they are pretty superstitious and follow some form of ‘folk’ Buddhism or ‘folk’ Taoism. For many, it is all about ‘Good Luck’ ism – basically doing whatever they feel might bring them good luck, prosperity and safety.

Please pray that eyes will be opened to truth and that hearts will be set free from the bondage of faith in empty worldviews.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

They’d heard of Kobe, but not of Christ

By Caroline Anderson ( )

“Have any of you heard of Jesus?” Christian Bell* asked the group of children who formed a tight circle around him.

Confused looks were his only answer.

“Have you ever heard of Jesus, He’s God’s Son,” Bell rephrased his question.

The name didn’t ring a bell.

Bell had traveled all day, crossing a river on a raft and walking the rest of the way to reach this remote village in East Asia. Continue reading

Why Cities?

In 1800, only about five percent of people lived in cities. A century later this had risen to about fifteen percent. By 1975, the percentage of urban dwellers in our world had risen to forty-one percent. Estimates are that by 2050 almost 80% of the world will live in urban areas. In Asia the present growth rate will produce by the year 2000 at least fourteen cities with a population of over ten million – three of these exist already in India, namely Mumbai (Bombay), New Delhi, and Calcutta. There will be thirty-two cities with over five million citizens and more than a hundred with over a million inhabitants. In India, cities like Madras, Hyderabad, and Bangalore already have climbed over five million in population, and they are numerous more cities over or near a million in population. It is true that India is primarily a rural society; however, the cities are growing and will continue to grow. There needs to be a concerted effort and a strategy on the part of the church to penetrate these spiritual strongholds of Satan.

We live in an urban world. However, only about nine percent of evangelical Christians live in the cities of a million or more inhabitants. Continue reading

Prayer Update

June 20, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

There is a small natural disaster happening right now in northern Hunan Province and we wanted to let you know about it so that you could be praying for the people of Yueyang who are affected.

Hunan Flood

For the last several months, Hunan has been experiencing drought, it is the worst drought in 60 years according to experts.  Two weeks ago it began to rain, and it has not stopped.  All of this rain, falling on top of very, very dry ground has caused wide-spread flooding and even some landslides.

Mudslide DamageAlready over a dozen people in Yueyang have lost their lives and many others have lost homes and have had tremendous damage done to their crops and farm animals.

Please be in prayer for the people of Yueyang.  Pray for their human needs to be met, but also be praying that as local believers respond to meet these human needs, they will also have many opportunities to share about their motivation for helping out people that they don’t even know.

The people in Hunan are not new to natural disasters and tragedy.  Unfortunately for these people, these sorts of natural disasters seem to happen far too often.  Because of this, it’s easy for those who are not directly affected to quickly forget about those who’s lives have been directly touched by the disaster.

Thank you for your prayers,

Rob Stevens

Chinese fear aging process: Survey

(China Daily)People in China are among the most fearful of getting old, a new global survey suggests. According to Bupa, a British healthcare organization, which asked 12,262 people in 12 countries about their attitudes toward aging, 28 percent of the Chinese polled said they feel depressed when they think about getting old. About 30 percent of Chinese respondents said they worry about who will look after them in later years, while 91 percent agreed the government of the world’s most populous nation should improve care for the elderly. About one third of Chinese respondents – more than double the global average – said they have put money aside for retirement, while 46 percent have taken out insurance, the poll showed.

As China moves into the next couple of decades, it is entering uncharted territory.  It is safe to say that the traditional system from China’s past of children caring for their elderly parents is rapidly eroding.  Many feel the government is not prepared, nor adequately concerned, about the gravity of this social shift.

Please pray for Yueyang’s older citizens.  Ask that men and women who are followers of Christ will step-up and help meet the needs of this recently neglected part of Chinese society.  Pray that expressions of self-less and Christlike love will help draw men and women of all ages to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!

“Red-collar” jobs most sought after in China

For nearly 20 years, white-collar jobs have been the most prized in China since the 1990s. However, times change and now more people are hoping to trade their white collars for red ones. So-called “red-collar” workers refer to civil servants in China. China has about 50 million civil servants now, and more people are planning to enter this class through public entrance examinations. Because of its stable income, security and the promise of promotions, more and more people are aspiring to be civil servants.

Often young professionals who are seeking civil servant jobs mistakenly believe that they cannot also pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Leaving them with a ‘cost counting’ mentality where they feel they must choose between having a career as a civil servant or having faith in Christ.  While we don’t deny that radical obedience to Christ can often result in various levels of persecution in China, the reality is a bit more complex.  There are many obedient followers of Christ who are also Chinese civil servants in China today.

Please pray that the gospel would be shared far and wide across Yueyang and that men and women at all levels of society and government would have an active and obedient faith in Christ!

Boat residents in Yueyang settle on land

Yueyang is located on the shore of China’s second largest lake, the Dongting Lake, and many aspects of life from ancient times till today are affected by this dominating geographical feature.  In fact, the very name of the province Yueyang in located in, Hunan, literally means “south of the lake”.  For those who live and work on the lake, life is not always wonderful.  Recently, the government has been trying to persuade families that live on boats on the lake to move to the land in an effort to improve the lives of these residents who are among the most poor and the most vulnerable in northeast Hunan province.

(Xinhua) — Some 7,550 people living on boats in Hunan Province have recently been persuaded leave behind life on the lake and to live on the land.
Mr. Xiao, 36, moved his family from their fishing boat to a 75-square-meter apartment at the end of last year.  “It’s the first warm winter we’ve ever spent. It’s like a dream,” Xiao said sitting beside an electric heater with his wife and son in the three-bedroom apartment in Yueyang County, Dongting Lake region.
“Before, we spent every day in an 8-square-meter houseboat for fishing. I thought I would live like this for the rest of my life,” Xiao said.  The couple suffered serious rheumatism and schistosomiasis like many other fishing people in the region.
Dongting Lake, China’s second largest freshwater lake, has been home to thousands of fishing households unable to afford life on the land.
Many of them suffer waterborne diseases and are not able to enjoy social welfare services or preferential policies for farmers.
So far, about 7,550 people in 2,322 households of Yueyang, Yiyang and Changde cities in the Dongting Lake region have been relocated to apartments on land.

Please pray for the ‘grass roots’ people of Yueyang, those who are NOT caught up in the race to own the biggest apartment and the most expensive new car.  Pray for those who struggle just to provide the basics for their families.